Ready to be part of the Chick-fil-A insiders’ club? Most fast food restaurants have an underground secret menu that you won’t find posted in the drive thru. Even Chick-fil-A has a secret menu, although they would very much like you to believe that they don’t! In a 2018 blog post called “Does Chick-fil-A Have a Secret Menu?” they write, “The internet is full of conspiracy theories. Loch Ness Monsters, UFOs, Secret Menus at Chick-fil-A… Not everything you read on the internet is true, but one thing is for certain: There is no Chick-fil-A Secret Menu.”

4 Chickfila Menu Hacks

Since we’re the unofficial Chick-fil-A podcast we decided to do some independent research. We recruited our friend, author, speaker and amazing home chef Logan Wolfram to help. We knew this extrovert would be up for the challenge, and she definitely was! Here are four secret menu recipe hacks we definitely think you should try.

1. Chick-fil-A Chicken Club

This is essentially the Grilled Chicken Club, but with an Original Chicken Filet, rather than the grilled. Logan’s two sons both ordered this variation and gave it two thumbs up. You’ll get a filet served on a toasted Multigrain Brioche bun with Colby-Jack cheese, applewood smoked bacon, Green Leaf lettuce and tomato. It’s also served with Honey Roasted BBQ.

Secret Menu Recipe Hacks

2. Cherry Coke Float

Other lists of Chick-fil-A Secret Menu Items include a root beer float. But here’s the problem we discovered—not every Chick-fil-A location serves root beer. Logan decided to order a Cherry Coke Float, and ended up discovering a delicious treat she will most definitely be ordering again. Here’s the trick with this one—order a small vanilla milkshake in a large cup, topped with Cherry Coke.

3. Chicken Bacon Ranch Deluxe

Even though this is NOT on the Chick-fil-A menu, you can still order it by this name and, according to our research, workers will know exactly what you’re after. (Doesn’t that in prove there is in fact a secret menu??) What you’ll get is the Chick-fil-A Deluxe Sandwich with bacon added and a side of ranch dressing. You’ll have to apply the ranch dressing to the sandwich yourself, but according to podcast host Jim Mann, it’s totally worth it! Adding bacon to the sandwich will typically cost an extra $1.10.

Saucy Chicken Filet

4. Saucy Original Chicken Sandwich or Saucy Spicy Chicken Sandwich

This is a DIY menu hack that doesn’t require any special ordering, but it may change the way you eat Chick-fil-A sandwiches forever. No joke. Podcast host Alison Storm and her husband can attest to that fact! Order an Original Chick-fil-A sandwich. Make sure you get one packet of Chick-fil-A sauce and one packet of Polynesian sauce. Take your filet out of the bun and put it back in the sandwich bag. Top it with the sauce packets and shake it up. Put the saucy filet back on your bun and enjoy! You can also do this with a Spicy Chicken Sandwich. Shake the filet up with Sweet and Spicy Siracha as well as a packet of Zesty Buffalo sauce. Try it and let us know what you think!

Secret Menu at Chickfila

Secret Menu Fails

There was one secret menu fail we wanted to warn you about. We tried to order cheesy waffle fries, but ended up getting waffle fries with a side of shredded cheese. Which we all know is not going to be anything special. HOWEVER, if you’re one of the blessed ones who frequents a Chick-fil-A location that offers the cheese sauce, this could be a viable secret menu item for you to try. The cheese flavored dip was rolled out at 436 locations nationwide last year. It’s made from a mix of Swiss and Parmesan. Apparently, it was first offered on the menu at some locations back in 2012. It’s mostly at locations in the Midwest and Northeast. Add a side of bacon bits and ranch dressing and you’ve got the makings of some pretty epic Loaded Waffle Fries!