Two Texas friends picked up a pastime: making hilarious viral videos about Chick-fil-A. Jimmy von Thron and Ty Kelly don’t actually work at Chick-fil-A, but they love pretending they do. (Although Ty says his dream is to be a Chick-fil-A Owner Operator some day!) They’ve turned their passions for Chick-fil-A and making people laugh into a hilarious hobby. And if it looks like these two share a special bond– that’s because they do!

Jimmy and Ty as high school sophomores.

A Long History of Friendship

They’ve been best buddies for quite a while. They played high school sports together in the same Florida hometown. Although they attended different colleges, their paths crossed again as adults. Jimmy and Ty are now co-workers at the same Texas firm. Jimmy is still enjoying the single life and Ty is a family man. He and his wife have two little boys with a girl on the way.

Ty and Jimmy viral video creators

How a Viral Chick-fil-A Video is Born

These two get together for regular brainstorming sessions. Ty will even go live on his social media and ask followers for ideas for his future funny videos. They make a spreadsheet of all the videos they want to make. Then they block out several hours on a weekend and knock out a whole bunch. They try to post fresh content daily to Tik Tok and Instagram. The pair even created a music video called IMP (It’s My Pleasure): Chick-fil-A Anthem.

You can listen to our full interview with Jimmy and Ty here:

Jimmy & Ty’s Most Popular Viral Chick-fil-A Videos

Each of these videos has over 1 million views on TikTok! And when you watch them, you’ll see why. They’re hilarious!

  1. Chick-fil-A Employees are built differently, period, 2.2 Million Views
@ty_kellyChick-fil-A Employees are built differently, period. @chickfila @jvtentertainment ##chickfila ##mypleasure ##eatmorchikin ##chickfilaemployee♬ original sound – ty_kelly

2. Never Drop Your Nuggets, 1.4 Million Views

@ty_kellyNever drop your nuggets @chickfila @jvtentertainment ##chickfila ##chickfilanuggets ##mypleasure ##eatmorchikin♬ original sound – ty_kelly

3. Training Never Stops, 1.3 Million Views

@ty_kellyTraining NEVER STOPS @chickfila @jvtentertainment ##chickfila ##mypleasure ##chickfilatraining ##mealteamsix♬ original sound – ty_kelly

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Shama Mrema

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