What a year it’s been for Christian artist Hannah Kerr. COVID completely shook up her wedding plans. The newlyweds spent most of 2020 quarantined in a tiny apartment. But Hannah didn’t let being stuck at home stop her from creating. She was busy with song writing collaborations over zoom and of course, making time for drive-thru Chickfila dates with her new hubby.

hannah kerr wedding

Hannah Kerr’s Wedding Shake-Up

Hannah Kerr and guitarist Jason Earley didn’t plan on getting married in a small, private ceremony. But COVID shook up nearly every detail. Hannah talked about the wedding, the reception they had nearly a year later, and how special both experiences were with Alison and Jim on the podcast.

Shortly after her 2020 wedding, Hannah posted about it on social media saying, “Our wedding day was truly the best day of my life!!! It was nothing like we planned, but perfect in every way. it was just us, our immediate family, and the minister. My brothers sang in the ceremony. I did my own makeup. Our friend and photographer did my hair AND took these incredible pictures. It was sunny, blue skies, and 70 degrees all day. We cut a tiny cake and did our first dance in the chapel right after the ceremony. We drove away at 6 pm in Jason’s car, and we both felt so happy that truly nothing else mattered. The whole day felt so special, so holy, and so sweet. This coronavirus stuff has felt heavy and sad for weeks, but this day was a bright spot that reminded us that good is still happening!! God is still watching out for the tiny details and cares deeply for each one of us. I love my husband and marriage is the best!”

Hannah Kerr Same God

Hannah Kerr Releases New Music

In March, Hannah Kerr released her new single, “Same God.” She talked about what it was like to work on this music during quarantine, holding collaboration sessions over Zoom. Her brother, GRAMMY-winning songwriter/producer Josh Kerr, produced the single. And while the response from “Same God” has been incredible, Hannah did reveal that some day she’d love to hear her music on the Chick-fil-A instrumental soundtrack piped through the restaurants.

The One Chickfila Drink Hannah Kerr Can’t Live Without

Hannah Kerr insists that if you haven’t tried THIS menu item at Chick-fil-A, you really need to order it ASAP. What is her favorite menu item? It’s not the chicken, or even the beloved waffle fries. It’s the Frosted Coffee! Hannah and her mom have a longstanding tradition of ordering these during shopping trips and sipping on them while sitting in their car in the Chick-fil-A parking lot. And now that she’s a married woman, she also enjoys them with her new husband, Jason. Listen to our full interview with Hannah and make sure to check out her new single, Same God!