Everyone makes mistakes– even veteran Chickfila fans placing orders through the app. Has this ever happened to you: you place an order through the Chickfila One app and end up going to the WRONG location to pick it up? That happened to a Tulsa pastor, but it turned out to be a happy accident. We’re getting a major helping of encouragement from Tulsa pastor Paul Daugherty on why it’s so important to choose joy and spread kindness, even when we encounter bumps in the road.

Pastor Paul Daugherty

Pastor Paul Daugherty (his last name rhymes with ‘party’!) leads Victory Christian Center in Tulsa. His parents founded the ministry in a former car dealership in 1981. It’s grown immensely over the past 40 years and serves the Tulsa community in a wide variety of ways including through Victory College, Victory Christian School and the Dream Center.

Pastor Paul Victory Church

Pastor Paul has four children with another one on the way. Chick-fil-A is a big part of his life! “We eat Chickfila like four times a week and that’s a normal week,” he explains on the podcast. “On an abnormal week it’s like seven times a week. It’s crazy.” He shared the story of a recent mix-up with his order that actually turned out to be a happy accident. He was picking up nuggets for his son’s birthday party and ended up at the wrong Chick-fil-A location. (If you’re planning a Chick-fil-A themed party, be sure to check out these decorations!) His wife had ordered through the app at another Chickfila location. But when he showed up he encountered an employee that he has known for a long time. And it was a special reminder on why it’s so important to choose joy and spread kindness… even when things get messed up.

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